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About us

About us

Xiamen Jikong Electrical System Co., Ltd. was established in 2009. It has developed into an automation, engineering and complete set company integrating design, installation, commissioning and construction. Products include: power distribution cabinet, PLC cabinet, frequency conversion cabinet, soft start cabinet, container room, ABB low voltage switch cabinet, ABB low voltage drawer, ABB medium voltage capacitor cabinet, ABB high voltage LCC control cabinet, etc. The company currently has 3 production plants in ABB Xiang'an Industrial Park, Xiang'an Torch Park, and Xiang'an Innovation Park. It has an experienced, well-trained, disciplined and energetic professional team (more than 400 production employees, engineering 12 designers and 13 technical quality control personnel).

Based on integrity, solve practical problems for customers with professional technology and meticulous service

Xiang'an Torch Park Factory

1) Produce 110KV~800KV LCC control cabinet for Xiamen ABB High Voltage Switchgear Co., Ltd., produce E-house project for ABB medium voltage, and produce medium voltage capacitor cabinet for Xi'an ABB;
  2) Maintain good cooperative relations with a number of system integrators, engineering companies, and end users in the power, transportation, tobacco, mining, water treatment, steel and other industries; provide them with automatic control cabinet design and complete sets of services;

Xiang'an Innovation Park Factory

1) Mainly produce high and medium voltage control cabinets and ABB low voltage drawers for State Grid Xuji and many factories;

ABB Xiang'an Industrial Park Medium Voltage Switchgear Factory

1) Produce AIS and GIS low-voltage boxes for Xiamen ABB Switchgear Co., Ltd.;

Factory outside the province

1) Tianjin ABB is supporting the production of ZSSG/CBW low-voltage control boxes.


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