What are the advantages of power distribution cabinets?

2022-05-27 22:04

The advantages of intelligent power distribution cabinet over traditional power distribution cabinet
First, traditional power distribution cabinets use pointer meters or digital display meters, which can only monitor the parameters of power distribution cabinets to meet basic needs. Intelligent power distribution cabinets use computer motherboards with high integration and high reliability. Various operating parameters of the monitoring system are monitored and displayed comprehensively through HMI, which reduces the space occupation of the power distribution cabinet and improves the volume ratio of the power distribution cabinet.
Second, the traditional power distribution cabinet only has the function of power distribution management, which distributes power to the load cabinet; and the intelligent power distribution cabinet, in addition to power distribution management, also has the functions of operation management and safety management, which effectively improves the The reliability of the entire power distribution system reduces risks.
Third, the traditional power distribution cabinet supports few circuits and occupies a large area; the intelligent power distribution cabinet adopts high-precision and high-integration modules, which increases the volume of the cabinet, supports more circuits, and reduces the floor space.

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