PLC frequency conversion control cabinet use and function

2022-05-27 22:09

The main programming system of the current frequency conversion control cabinet is controlled by PLC. Its main purpose is for the intelligent variable water supply control of frequency conversion water supply equipment, the control of fan air conditioners and other equipment, and the frequency conversion energy saving. The control process: PLC collects and sends to the specific instructions. Control circuit. The LCD touch screen operation is simple and intuitive, the system runs stably and the operation is simple. Very powerful! Unattended function, equipment energy saving, environmental protection, strong anti-interference ability!

The PLC inverter control cabinet has self-protection functions of overload, overcurrent, short circuit, overvoltage, water shortage and phase loss. And it can control multiple motors at the same time. Taking the water pump as an example, the frequency conversion control cabinet can make water pressure automatic stop, water start, fault alarm, fault reset, automatic shielding of pump faults, portable/automatic conversion and other control functions.

The PLC inverter control cabinet adopts expansion modules, which can realize the working mode of multiple pumps in the control cabinet, realize the function of remote data acquisition, and realize the remote monitoring function of equipment by connecting to Ethernet, optical fiber and other transmission methods.

The PLC control cabinet is superior to the ordinary control cabinet. The specific performance is as follows: install the frequency conversion speed control device to prevent the instantaneous current of the motor from being too large, which will cause damage to the power grid, electrical components and motors, and the frequency conversion start to start slowly. Protect the power grid and related circuit components from excessive Start, PLC programmable control system realizes automatic equipment collection and operation automation, extends operation monitoring and transmission functions, has various scalability, strong anti-interference, stable operation, simple operation, strong fault record query function, saving manpower, material resources, time and worry! High-quality non-professional equipment administrators can choose.

The inverter control cabinet can be widely used in the petroleum industry, aerospace, textile industry, railway electricity, winery processing, power companies, etc., to provide more products for more chemical companies. So what is the function of the frequency conversion control cabinet.

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