What types of containers can be roughly classified according to their uses?

2022-05-27 22:14

1. Conventional container: refers to a large loading container with certain strength, rigidity and specifications for turnover.
2. Container data center: Simply put, the data center is not located in the computer room, but a large container is found and placed on the open space with network and power supply.
3. Containerized generator set: It adopts standard container structure box, built-in diesel generator set, and is equipped with special complete sets of equipment and accessories.
4. Container-type archives: The container has good sealing performance. After modification and addition of thermal insulation layers, air conditioners, window ventilators, hoods and other devices, it can become a highly mobile archives.
5. Other container refits: including but not limited to catering stations, libraries, art exhibition rooms, expo rooms, technology rooms, etc. converted from containers.


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